There’s a man on 2…

We are taking a trip down memory lane this week looking at the infamous ‘On the Air’ series and the episodes that capture the wackiest and surreal moments of Dad’s adventure on the airwaves.

Gerry’s Bad Day

During Dad’s career, journalists and radio professionals would always ask him how he prepared for his show and how big his team was.

He always replied that he didn’t prepare – he just turned up and talked. I’m not sure the listeners ever believed him until he slept in one day!

He only lived 10 mins away from Radio Foyle, so he definitely didn’t fake this one – he was probably sitting up late watching a film on TV.

Gerry’s Bad Day On the Air Series 2: 4.

In fact it was a trait that he shared with Terry Wogan which they joked about live on air:

Everything I’ve ever done on radio and television, as I’ve grown older and lazier is done off the cuff. I make it up as I go along. I open up the microphone like yourself without an idea what’s in me about what I’m gonna say. And that’s part of what we do. And so I don’t rehearse.

Terry Wogan on BBC Radio Ulster

Gerry’s Sinking Feeling

Of course, he always gave the impression that he didn’t care about anyone. Never more so on the famous cruises, where he would hide in his bunk all day, reading books and come out for the evening. This wasn’t because he was anti-social; it’s just what he always did on holidays. He would read all day and talk all night – the opposite of when he was on the radio!

Gerry’s Sinking Feeling On the Air Series 3: 3.

Fake Tantrum

The real fun was listening to him and Sean, who never really discussed what they would do on the show, going back and forward – trying to stay just a little bit on the right side of what they are allowed to say on the radio without getting into trouble.

Fake Tantrum On the Air Series 3: 4.

Crow Attack

They always relied on and loved callers with crazy stories. You literally couldn’t make it up, and sometimes everything just came together, and they couldn’t stop laughing. He had some long records to play that would give him 4 minutes to regain his composure – never more than the crow story!

Crow Attack On the Air Series 1: 3.

What are your favourite On The Air episodes?

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  1. He is really really missed on the radio. Could bring sunshine into the most depressing day 💔

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