Gerry’s Ghost Hunt

He was genuinely spooked! Especially after his visit to Richhill Castle Co. Armagh where he felt the ghost of a small boy tug at his sleeve. And he witnessed a solid oak dining table being lifted and smacked down. Most likely by spirits who wanted to make their presence felt.

Gerry needed a large hot whiskey back at the hotel where he was staying that night.

BBC Radio Ulster originally broadcast the series called Gerry’s Ghost Hunt in 2005. It was a four-parter where Gerry and a team of ghostbusters staked out various locations where spirits were believed to lurk.

They included Richhill Castle in Co Armagh, the Grand Opera House in Belfast, the Workhouse Museum in Derry – and the prison on the Crumlin Road which was no longer in use.

Richhill Castle, Co. Armagh
Richhill Castle, a 17th-century Grade A listed country house in the large village of Richhill, Co. Armagh

It was organised by the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association. They are experts in ghost detection and carry electromagnetic meters and laser thermometers to record any paranormal activity.

Warren Coates founded the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association in 1991 and was often in contact with Gerry.

Warren got in touch with us a few weeks ago. He said that when Gerry was talking about him on the radio he used to change the name of the association on purpose! And say: ‘Warren Coates from the Northern Ireland Paramilitary Research Association’.

Gerry even had people phoning asking to join! Which just proves the saying that you have more to be afraid of from the living than from the dead.

So get the kettle on and make a strong brew and dare yourself to listen to Gerry’s Ghost Hunt in Crumlin Road Gaol tonight!

As Gerry said at the time:

I’ve seen things I never thought I would see, things that I couldn’t explain – things that scared me.

Gerry Anderson, The Belfast Telegraph

And his advice for Halloween was:

“Never, ever spend a night in the Hanging Cell at the prison.

Hanging cell at Crumlin Road Gaol on Gerald Michael Anderson
Hanging cell at Crumlin Road Gaol

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  1. These stories are all great. He had a humour like no other!! He is still able to make me laugh. Thank you Treasa and David for sharing them.

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