Gerry’s show in a box!

Gerry had a wonderful back catalogue of fun, wacky and musically brilliant songs that he played regularly on the show.

They were carefully stored in this metal flight case. He knew that the CD’s in there were all he needed to craft a show around.

He purchased the case because he had learned that CD’s grew legs and disappeared around Radio Foyle, sometimes never to be seen again. The case was closed and seemed to be enough to deter other light fingered presenters!

Gerry Anderson’s Show in a Box

It was acceptable in the 80’s

Gerry brought his record collection with him when he started in radio in the 80’s. He effectively donated it to the music library at Radio Foyle. But this didn’t work well for him as he could never put his hand on a song or album when he wanted to.

He needed a system. So he set to work on a system that worked between his desk at Radio Foyle and his trusty music box.

He was often handed CDs by up and coming musicians. And he also received loads of demo’s in the post.

They were stacked on his desk. Every day he would take a dozen from the stack and listen to them.

The CD’s that showed promise were stowed carefully in his box. They would become staples of his show repertoire.

The rejected CDs languished on his desk, to be picked over by passing presenters.

Vive La Playlist Revolution

These days we no longer fill up boxes or our living rooms with large CD collections. Instead we try to patiently request songs from our smart speakers. Although this can lead to a lot of shouting in this part of the world as Alexa or Siri struggle with our lilting accents.

Gerry loved a new electronic gadget. He ran out to buy them as soon as they were available. I am sure he would have had a smart speaker in every room of the house!

In homage to his music box, we have put together this playlist on YouTube for you to enjoy. With thanks to all the folks in The Radio Ulster Gerry Anderson Fan Group!

We also came across a great playlist by Naveed on Spotify – just click on the picture below or ask Siri, Alexa or your Smart Speaker to play it for you.

Gerry would do the same with a glass of Jeremiah Weed in his hand!

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  1. He played The Reel in the Flickering Light by Christy Moore – it was a Big fav I loved it when I heard it on his show. Makes me think of him Pauline

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  2. Great article, every now and again I’d get reminded of a few of the more eclectic songs Gerry would play, and try and find them e.g. seen James Stewart on TV the other night and immediately thought of Gerry playing Shenandoah

  3. Try to source a trumpet solo recorded in Lloyds studio Belfast around the 1960s the Black Rose, played by Roy Addinell. Caused some controversy at the time.

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