C’mere Til I Tell Ya

C’mere til I tell ya about BBC Christmas parties, bog rolls, rubber men, pensions and why country men are more dangerous.

Gerry loved to people watch especially on holidays. He also loved to collect stories of silly things that people did or funny situations that they got themselves into. I can still hear him laughing loudly, reliving the feelings that the person had. It could be the awfulness of their predicament or the sheer nonsense of the situation that they had got themselves into.

C'mere til I tell ya on Gerald Michael Anderson

But that was only the start of the process.

Inside his fertile mind, the story would start to to take on a life of its own. Maybe the characters would change or a a few stories would blend together.

And other times, stories would be crafted into poems by wonderful and talented contributors. Here is a selection for you to enjoy on our YouTube Channel.

4 responses to “C’mere Til I Tell Ya”

  1. Please keep the emails going Gerry was brilliant and to hear stories and old shows is amazing.



  2. Thank you so much for sharing Gerrys Podcast.It is a real tonic.
    I remember Gerrys shows after the omagh bombing and the beautiful way he paid tribute in that awful time.
    I would love to hear it again.

  3. Thanks very much Treasa for keeping Gerry’s memory alive. I enjoy receiving the updates. Listening back to recordings and watching the Flickerpix cartoons (some of which my son worked on sound design) really make me smile. Your father’s talent was unique in relating his observations and experiences along with his interactions with people.Radio Ulster has since been bereft of anyone to match his abilities and we miss him.
    Be very proud of his positive contribution to our airwaves by cheering us up every day for many years.

  4. Absolutely keep these threads of Gerry going they are simply amazing. So talented and sadly missed xx

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