Interview with Mark McCauley, Director, A City Dreaming

Having moved in similar circles in the 1970’s, Mark and Gerry’s paths would once again cross in later life. The result is ‘A City Dreaming’.

The film, written and narrated by Gerry and directed by Mark McCauley, is often termed “a love letter to Derry” and rightly so – see it here.

Opening sequence to A City Dreaming

How the film came to be – Beginning, Middle and End

Once they had decided to work together, the project took on a life of its own fuelled by the Gerry and Mark’s creativity and determination. As the idea grew, so too did the team – they were joined by producer Andrew Eaton, a Derry native based in London, now a high-profile producer with weighty credits to his name, and the highly talented composer and musical director, Michael Keeney.

With funding in place for the film to be produced in time for Derry City of Culture 2013, motivation was complete.

In this interview, Mark takes us through the creative process that he and Gerry shared, what they set out to include, how particular parts of the film came into being, and how hard work and its partner, luck, played strong support roles in the production of the film.

Sadly, A City Dreaming was to be Gerry’s last project, but we know it’s one he was immensely proud of, as are we. See Mark’s interview here – it’s a joy to read how it all came together.

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